7th B Team

2016 7th B Team
Coach Sarah Taylor

10-5 - Comstock Win vs Parchment

The 7th grade "B" team was victorious over a challenging Parchment team last night.  They one two of three matches, with one ending score of 28-26.  Solid serving for the Colts came from Brianne Doud and Anna Schreiner.  Schreiner scored the two final points with her serves in the final match.  Alexis Wooten was all over the net and had many tips.  Rhayna Smith, Nadia Poole, Samiyah, and Kyleigh Richardson played solid defense.  

10-12 - Comstock Loss vs Kalamazoo Christian

The 7th grade "B" team played three close matches against K Christian last night, coming up slightly short in the end.  Nadia Poole and Brianne Doud continuously sent over awesome serves.  Kyleigh Richardson, Alexus Wooten, and Rhayna Smith played stellar defense as well.

10-5 - Comstock Win vs Parchment

The 7th Grade "B" team won against Parchment last night in three close matches.  Camerra Burroughs, Rhayna Smith, Trista Esman, Brianne Doud, and Nadia Pole consistently nailed their serves, while Anna Schreiner, Alexus Wooten, and Doud played amazing defense.

10-3 - Comstock Loss vs Delton-Kellogg

The 7th Grade "B" team also played three close matches last night.  Brianne Doud, Alexus Wooten, and Nadia Pole were strong at the serving line, while Pole, Doud, Wooten, Tricia Esman and Annalise Schreiner played solid defense.

9-26 - Comstock Loss vs Galesburg-Augusta

The 7th grade "B" team showed much improvement against Galesburg last night, and played three close matches.  Kyleigh Richardson, Alexus Wooten, and Brianne Doud were all over the court on defense.  Doud and Wooten were both solid from the serving line in all three games.

9-19 - Comstock Loss vs Kalamazoo Christian

The 7th grade "B" team came up short against a tough Kalamazoo Christian team last night.  Amelia Hall had solid serving for the Colts in every match, while Hall, Alexis Wooten, and Nadia Pole played solid defense.

9-14 - Comstock 2 - Delton-Kellogg 1

The 7th grade "B" team rallied hard over Delton Kellogg last night, winning two out of three matches.  Every member of the team worked hard and contributed.  Anna Schreiner, Brianne Doud, Alexus Wooten and Amelia Hall were all strong at the serving line.  Kyleigh Richardson, Trista Esman, Nadia Pole and Wooten were strong at the net.

9-12 - Comstock Loss vs Galesburg-Augusta

The 7th grade "B" team improved throughout their matches against Galesburg last night, but couldn't quite get the win.  Brianne Doud played a solid defensive game while Alexus Wooten and Kyleigh Richardson worked hard at the serving line.